Haiti Needs New Approaches And Visionaries

“Michael has developed this crush on Haiti,” says Danielle Saint-Lot, a former Tourism Minister who lives in Jacmel. “What’s interesting about Michael’s project is that it has a concrete business perspective. That’s what we needed, his business approach.” “Michael lit the fire,” says one of Bello’s Haitian partners, restaurateur Lorraine Silvera, a paintbrush in one hand touching up her beachfront home at Cabique. “He’s a doer. He’s totally dedicated and he’s done so much in such a short time.” Article from: http://www.michaelcapponi.com/
Sustainable development models really are the future, wherever you go. It’s good that Capponi wants to help out Haiti in a sustainable way. Too many charity organizations give out aid without any idea of what the future will hold, with no plans for creating a self-sustaining cycle of improvement that won’t damage the environment or harm people’s livelihoods.

Electricity is a real problem in Haiti, especially after that earthquake, but it’s in a really good spot for solar, wind, and wave energy since it’s in the tropics. Naysayers are in the past, I’m glad he’s going through with this even if they let their pocket books run their minds. Michael Capponi‘s a visionary, and that’s what places like Haiti really need. The same old-same old won’t work anymore, and he is absolutely right in thinking that new approaches are required. That’s the definition of insanity, after all. Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.